Printing calendars is a great marketing tactic to boost sales and allow exposure to your brand or company. The perfect design is not the only factor that will result in an ideal calendar, but there are numerous other things that should be accounted. You must be acquainted with all the professional expects for printing calendars in order to get an impressive result. This article will enlighten you with great printing techniques to get you the desired response from the target audience.


Your calendar should be robust and feel strong when held in hands, which is why a thicker catalogue cover should be used. A 100-pound gloss cover is perfect as paper of this weight have illustrious gleam that also protects your calendar. The inside pages can be chosen from 80-pounds with glossy appeal or 70 pounds with matte finish that gives out a subtle finish and has the added advantage of being eco-friendly.


Size is a very important when it comes to printing calendar, consider the usability of calendar, whether to hung on the wall, cubicles or on the office table. Make your font and images accordingly, enough to make everything visible clearly. If you are planning for a bigger calendar then it is better to use the space wisely.


The finishing of the calendar has a great impact on the appearance and the sturdiness, you surely want to make it last longer to give you more benefit. The hanging should be large enough to easily accommodate all the common types of nails without tearing down the calendar from the top. Typically, 3/16 and ¼ holes are mostly preferred for the results. Other important factor is the binding of calendar; you need to make your mind between the saddle-stitched also called stapled and Wire-O. Saddle-stich is cheap but does not last long, on the other wire-O is superb and keeps your calendar pages together for more than a year.

Use Template

Use the pre-formatted calendar templates to make sure that your calendar looks as great as on the screen of your computer when it comes out of the press. These templates are designed incorporating all the factors such as bleed lines, safety areas and cut lines and the special instructions if required. The best part about these templates is that they are made with best color attributes and resolution in order to design it more effectively. Getting a hardcopy is a great way to see a glimpse of the actual work, allowing you to make any important changes to the design.

Add Images

Adding images to the calendars can reflect a more vibrant feel, it is better to add atleast one picture in every sheet to make a stylish calendar. However, while adding photos, add photos with high resolution and vivid colors. Avoid low resolution photos that will produce a blurred or pixelated effect upon finishing, use atleast 300dpi photos.

Print in Volume

There is a basic rule when getting almost everything, the more you buy the less you pay. Calendar printing greatly depends on this rule as there is a significant fee to turn on the setup and in small run it becomes expensive but when printing high volumes, it becomes significantly economical.

Calendar Printing Tips