Calcium is the most copious mineral in our body. It is necessary for the growth and maintenance of robust bones and teeth as well. Calcium plays a key role in good health for people of all ages, particularly women in the course of their college years. The right amount of calcium is also compulsory for regular blood coagulation, heart purpose, and muscle reduction. The utmost health and strength of our bones primarily depend on a balanced diet and a stable brook of nutrients, most prominently, calcium and Vitamin D. If we do not reserve sufficient calcium in our regimes to keep our bodies nice and active, calcium is detached from where it is stored in our bones. By the passage of time, this will be ended up in bones to grow feebler and may lead to many harmful bone diseases. A person with deficiency of calcium in his body can't able to guide his life physically as an average person do. Read further to know the importance of calcium and the benefits as well.

The Role of Calcium

Calcium is required for our heart, muscles, and nerves to perform correctly and for blood to clot. Insufficient calcium meaningfully subsidizes to the growth of dangerous disease called osteoporosis. Most of the published studies indicate that low calcium consumption all the way through life is connected with low bone mass and extraordinary fracture tolls. National nutrition studies have revealed that most persons are not receiving the calcium they require to raise and keep vigorous bones. By taking the amount of calcium that is required, one can easily prevent or treat the following health conditions.


Most of the people usually start to drop more bone than their bodies make in their 30s, and this particular course hustles up as they become older. Studies have revealed that calcium, predominantly in amalgamation with vitamin D, can support to avert bone loss related with menopause. It might also help to stop bone loss in people who are little bit older.


People who are suffering from this specific health condition usually have underactive parathyroid glands. These multiple tiny glands assemble on the crooks of the thyroid in the neckline and create a hormone which normalizes calcium, phosphorous, and vitamin D echelons in the body. In this critical health condition it will be best to follow a high-calcium, low-phosphorous diet as recommended by the physician.

Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS)

Recent medical research has shown that women consuming 1200mg daily have decreased the symptoms of PMS by half, which includes moodiness, headaches, food craving, and bloating. Another minor research have approved that it also helps in shrinking menstrual pain.

High Blood Pressure

Lack of calcium can be a cause of high blood pressure, increasing the intake of calcium can lower the blood pressure significantly. Before starting the intake of calcium consult your physician to prescribe the right amount of calcium supplements for you, also continue your usual medications if any. Recently is it has been suggested that calcium also plays a significant role in controlling blood pressure during pregnancy and preeclampsia.

Obesity and Weight Loss

It is observed that low fat dairy products help to reduce weight and promote healthy life. Though, it is unclear that only the major quantity of calcium affects the body or other combined nutrition produce that affect.

Calcium Supplements

If you are finding it difficult in getting the right amount of calcium in your diet as most of the people do, then you might need to look at calcium supplement for meeting the requirement of your bones. The quantity of calcium you will need from a supplement be contingent on exactly how much calcium you attain from food sources. There are many diverse calcium compounds from which you can select like calcium carbonate and calcium citrate, between others. But in people with stomach disease, all foremost kinds of calcium supplements are captivated correspondingly well when taken with food.

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Calcium and Bone Health