Out of many ingenious ways of promoting your business and reaching out to new people, printing brochures is the most effective method. This is because of the numerous benefits it has over other conventional ways. An impeccable brochure serves up the highlighted information regarding the products or the services being offered by the business. It gives the potential customers the insights of your company and lures them to your business. Most people have this perception that trifold are the standard brochures though, flyers, menu, newsletter and various other are also considered as brochures. Only the perfect brochure will be able to accomplish the task, which is why important aspects should not be overlooked while designing one. Consider these tips before embarking on your expedition of boosting your sales.


Size is one of the most important factors when designing the brochures and large sector of people make mistake in selecting suitable size. People tend to use 8.5X11 which does not fit well, the printing resolution is compromised while filling in the available space of the brochure. The best size to go for is 8X11.

Make room for Bleed

Most people are not familiar of the print bleed. When brochures are cut to the specified dimensions after printing, it is inevitable that blade that cuts the brochure move out of alignment. It is advisable to slightly stretch your design from the edge to make room for printing bleed. This will display your message accurately. This is imperative if your brochure consist of photos that need to be displayed accurately.

Correct Paper

When you go at the printing shops, they usually offer 80lb paper or 100lb paper with the garnishing of matt or gloss. Though, it is your preference when choosing the paper but 100lb paper can augment the quality of your brochure significantly and surprisingly there isn’t much cost difference in it. The quality of the brochure makes a great difference to the audience, as it convince them that you are a more professional approach then the competitors.

Varnishing your brochure makes it more appealing and if you use dark shades, it can prevent the fingerprint smudges on your brochure. However, if you use lots of printing designs, the prevalent glossy finish will occur because of excess ink, this can save you few extra bucks.

Resolution is Important

A professional look of the brochure can be attained by using high resolution images in your brochure. Improper resolution will make your images look dull and blurry which diminishes the value of your brochure. The images you see on your computer screen will not be adequate for printing on the brochure, to achieve the professional brochure look, your images should atleast be 300dpi to have a crisp and sharp look.

Be Original and be Creative

The last but important factor is the originality of your brochure; it should not be reflecting any famous brand or entity. You should consider the information you are conveying whether it completely depicts your company or not. Does your brochure contain all the required information or not? To have some ideas, you can also look at your competitors about what approach they are using to advertise their products and services. Avoid using the gimmicky fonts that everyone uses, stroll around the internet to get some original ideas.

Brochure Printing Tips