LEGO Gifts have a peculiar appeal that surpasses all ages, genders, educations and nationalities. Every man, woman and kid enjoys playing with LEGO because the inexplicable urge to build something out of LEGO bricks is simply just irresistible. Even today it carries on dominating the toys aisle. The latest LEGO sets inhibit the vibrant colors and remarkable detailing which boost the imagination of kids as well as elders. This is the main reason why LEGO sets are the perfect gift for kids, but mostly we get confused which LEGO set to buy. Getting one is not the hardest task because no matter which set you pick, it will eventually be loved by the receiver. However, you should consider the Original LEGO brand and not some replica or duplicate which is made exactly like the genuine. These fake brands mimic the colors, size and style of the genuine bricks which makes it harder to distinguish. Here are some best LEGO gift sets which are perfect for any occasion.

Best LEGO Gifts for Boys

Shopping for LEGO gifts sets for boys can become easier if you know their wish list or the LEGO theme they always crave for. You can grab the set that would fit in their criteria. Most boys like furious sets like LEGO stars wars, Ninjago and other related gifts sets can be great present, especially on Christmas. The Lego Creator range of product is great for kids who love to build stuff. They are normally priced in the range of $20-$50. Some of them include
  • LEGO Star Wars sets - For Star Wars movie fanatics
  • LEGO Legends of Chima sets - For fans of the TV show
  • LEGO Ninjago sets - Latest set available
  • LEGO Creator sets - Provide endless possibilities
  • LEGO Master Builder Academy - A logical way to learn building

Best LEGO Gifts Sets for Boys

Best LEGO Gifts for Girls

LEGO has presented a new theme particularly for girls known as LEGO friends. If your girl already likes LEGO Friends, there is nothing that can stop her from not loving it. However, there are some girls that still prefer traditional themes. You can completely surprise her by giving her gift from her desired theme. They come in various available colors. Apart from LEGO Friends you can go for the LEGO gift sets mentioned below;
  • LEGO Friends sets - Particularly made for girls
  • LEGO Creator sets - 3-in-1 sets with endless possibilities
  • LEGO Christmas Village sets - Nice winter set
  • LEGO Master Builder Academy - A logical way to learn constructing

Best LEGO Gifts Sets for Girls

Best LEGO Gifts for Teens

Shopping anything for teens is a challenging task, not just the LEGO. This is because of the fact that even the greatest LEGO enthusiast in their childhood will stop playing LEGO as soon as they reach teenage because other interest takes up their place. Though, not all teens fall victim of other pursuits because many teens continue it as their sole hobby and take more interest in order to design astonishing models which depicts their creativity and skills. In fact, this hobby can also lead them to their future careers like architect, engineers, robots, art, programming or even quay jobs at LEGO. These are sets specifically designed for teens to build up their lost interest and develop more challenging models.
  • LEGO Expert Builder - Comprehensive high-end models
  • LEGO Technic set - Lifelike cars and other vehicles
  • LEGO Robotics sets - Used for teaching robotics

Best LEGO Gifts Sets for Teens