E-cigarettes have revolutionized the smoker's community, it is the perfect alternative to smoking because of its colossal benefits. People who are more inclined towards e-cigarettes are most probably the smokers who are looking for an substitute. Before getting on with the benefits, you should know what e-cigarettes are and how it works. Basically, it is an electronic inhaler that stimulates tobacco smoking experience. The heating mechanism vaporizes a liquid solution, which can be nicotine flavored, depending on your preference. Continue reading the article to enlighten your mind with the benefits of e-cigarettes.

E-cigarettes are odorless

Traditional cigarettes have very aggressive smell that clings to anything it comes in contact including clothes, hair, walls and furniture. The person who smokes does not notice the smell since he or she is engrossed in it incessantly but nonsmokers and especially ex-smokers will notice the smell instantly. Many people find this smells offensive and be likely to to avoid any type of close contact with the person. The reason that traditional cigarettes have this pungent smell is because of the burning of tar and other chemical substance. Contrary, e-cigarettes does not produce pungent smell, in fact you will notice peculiar smell of the flavor you are vaping.

Cheaper Alternative

Conventional cigarettes are quite expensive, habitual smokers will have an idea about it. About decades ago a good pack of cigarettes would cost you mere $1 dollar but since the cost has risen substantially it now it will cost you $6 to $11. The rise in the cost is because of several reasons which include regular inflation, cost of tobacco, fuel and other items. Furthermore, the taxes have also been increased by the time, as result normal smoker spends atleast $250 on just smoking cigarettes and this is just the cost of cigarettes no other items like ashtray, lighters and more. On the other hand e-cigarettes are not subjected any kind of taxes yet and with the passage of time it will become more mainstream and the cost will further decline. Just like the cellphones, media players, camera and other electronic devices, innovation changes everything.

E-cigarettes are not dangerous

Cigarettes pose a serious firework hazard because of the burning tobacco and use of naked flame to light it. There have been dozens of serious fire hazards and fire related death worldwide. Mere ignition of lighting cigarettes constitutes 10% of all the fire related death. E-cigarettes are completely opposite of it, they does not have hot flame to burn your clothes or furniture. However, there was an incident where e-cig exploded in the vapor's face but upon investigation it was revealed that the e- cigarettes was modified with stack of batteries for extra puff. There has been no incident of exploding when they were used as intended.


Unarguably, traditional cigarettes are extremely harmful to the health. There are countless diseases that occur because of smoking. You have higher risk severe conditions like heart attack, stroke, throat cancer, pneumonia, osteoporosis, Alzheimer's and countless other. Apart from these it also have cancer causing chemicals like carcinogen. Many people who have switched to e-cigarettes have started feeling better physically with the use of e- cigarettes.

More Social

For over decades, smoking cigarettes is viewed as a negative aspect for several reasons, the smell, health consequences and all the other effects have created a bad image. The restrictions have been increasing day by day, parks, restaurants, parties and other public places strictly avoid it. In the case of e-cigarettes they are more social-friendly, with the prominent benefits of e- cigarettes they are being accepted everywhere.