Led Lights

Light emitting diodes (LED) are gaining popularity by leaps and bounds. There is a vast difference between the efficiency of the light emitting diodes and the traditional lights, even if you compare it with other energy saving illumination the difference is very bulging. This is also the cleanest and most Eco-friendly source of lighting. There are plenty of reasons to switch from conventional way of lighting to the most innovative one. Below are the prime benefits of LED lighting that will enlighten you.

Long Life

The long life is the top most benefit of LED lights, these light emitting diodes have an outstanding operational life expectancy of 100,000 hours, that counts for 11 years of continuous operation and up to 22 years of life if they are operated 50% on the daily basis, this mean you can literally fit the light and forget about replacing it. One reason of longer life is that they do not cease to work or burn out like a standard light but they tend to get slightly dimmer with the passage of time.

Energy Efficiency

In the present time, the highest efficiency was achieved up to 80% with other energy saving options, however with light emitting diodes you can save much more than that. In conventional lighting, 80% is completely transformed into heat and only 20% is obtained. The long life on Led is also positive factor in achieving the high energy efficiency. If these energy efficient lights are fitted in large commercial buildings it would save huge maintenance and running cost, frequent changing of bulbs will be eliminated. The running cost of all the commercial buildings and public places like railways, airports, and more will be reduced from 30%.

Improved Durability

LED's does not use filament technology which provides them greater durability. It can easily withstand vibrations, shocks and minor bumps without the risk of breaking or damage.

Compact Size

The compact size of LED's has enabled it to reach those areas which are not accessible by conventional type of lights. LED's light can be shrunken to as small as 2 mm, making it perfect to fit anywhere.

Zero UV Emissions

These types of lights emit minor infrared lights and almost no emission of Ultra-Violet rays. This advantage of LED's lighting has made it highly preferable for material that are sensitive to heat and UV sensitive objects like museum artifacts, archeological sites and galleries.

Withstand Extreme Temperatures

Under extreme temperature traditional lights are impossible to use they can easily burst and damage the surroundings, even the other energy-saving lighting like fluorescent lamps will give a hard time and most probably will cease to work. LED lighting can work flawlessly under extreme temperature, even in the freezer room.

Instant Lighting

LED's lights brighten up the place instantly on the flick of a button. This is great advantage as the need for backup lighting eliminated. It also makes it ideal for flashing sign, traffic signals, automotive lighting and many more. On the other hand, conventional lights, take numerous seconds to brighten up and repetitive on/off reduces its life.


LED's lighting does not consumes much power, it can even light up immediately on low power. You can connect it with solar power unit and get the advantage of free lighting. In the remote and rural areas it is perfect for usage as it will provide bright light even on low voltages.

In spite of these benefits, there are plenty of more benefits that clearly suggest the use of LED lighting is more advantageous than any other. Although they are considerably expensive and can increase your cost but in the long run they are extremely cheap and will save you twice the amount of money you utilized in purchasing them.