Types of Lighting Fixture

Lighting is one of the most important aspects in giving your home an elegant and erudite exposure. You will find copiousness of lighting fixtures that are designed to deliver certain types of lighting like ambience, task and accent. To serve this purpose, designers and artists all around the world make more and more idiosyncratic lighting fixture. The advancement in light bulbs has enabled designers to construct highly innovating and awe-inspiring light fixtures that are quite versatile to be use in numerous ways. Scrutinize each heading closely to have a thorough understanding of various types of light fixtures.


Architectural lighting is a type of lighting that is incorporated in to structure of a room. They provide a distinctive look to the place and expose certain area of the place to create dynamism. Valance, Cove and Soffit are more commonly used in architectural lighting. Valance is mainly integrated in the woods, metal and a glass. Valance lights in the glass are strategically placed above the window or higher on the wall with the aim to rebound the light in both directions: upwards and downwards. This rebounding technique is called indirect lighting which is preferred by numerous architects and lighting experts as it minimizes shadows and glare. Sometimes it is also used to serve the purpose of ambience lighting.

On the other hand cove lighting is fitted at fickle height, such as the shelf or a ledge to direct the light downwards which bounces off towards upper wall. Whereas, soffit light is placed at the corners to radiate the light along the surface of the wall.


Recessed lighting fixtures are the most versatile type of lighting; it can be used to provide the features of task, accent or ambient lighting. Recessed lighting are installed just above the ceiling with a cavity of atleast 6 inches in order to ensure risk-free insulation because some condensation drips in to fixture and cause accidents to occur. The nature of recessed lights is that it throws directional lighting which can either be used to provide ambience, task or accent lighting.


Track lighting fixtures provide adjustable heads that assist in delivering task lighting or accent lighting. It is normally mounted on the wall and often suspended from the ceiling to create a vibrant affect or to illuminate certain object.


Just like the track lighting, pendants can also be used to provide task or ambient lighting except that its always hung up with the ceiling to augment the decoration style and send light downwards, mainly at a kitchen counters of tables. You can find these in plenty of designs to decorate your home.


Chandeliers come in extensive range of styles, from the moderate one to the most expensive one. They are suspended from the ceilings in order to provide lighting upwards. Chandeliers are the most attractive and sophisticated form of lighting used in a home, other than serving a center stage in the house it also provide ambient lighting in the area.

Wall Sconces

These types of light fixtures are directly mounted on the wall and direct its light in a vertical direction whether upwards of downwards, the diversity in shades and covers of the wall scones adds more style and vibe to the room. Wall scones are normally placed to provide ambient lighting in the room, though it can be considered for task lighting.


Ceiling fixtures are the most common type of fixtures used in our homes to provide ambient light in the rooms and other places. Usually, they have glass or plastic shade attached to conceal the bulb and deliver more dramatic lighting.