Antivirus is also an integral part of the computer system, you never know when you are being effected by the malwares and other external threats on the internet. Without the proper security measures your data is exposed to all kinds of threats and the chances of manipulation of the data is high, in worst cases the entire data can be destroyed in the hard drive which is beyond recovery. There are various types of antivirus available on the market that protects your precious data and blocks the external threats. Typically, computers have pre-installed antivirus but they are mostly trial version and requires the payable subscription in order to fully work. If you don't have any antivirus installed or you want to try another antivirus, there are certain points that needs considering before purchasing. This article will cover all the aspects of buying a perfect antivirus for your system.

Detection Rate

Detection is an important part of the antivirus and the strength of an antivirus depends on how fast an antivirus can detect a virus. Slow detection or unreliable level of detection is not good for your system. There are various third party companies that organize certain test to check the performance of an antivirus. The most intricate testing programs come from the, Virus Bulletin and West Coast Labs. Before selecting any antivirus make sure that the software is certified from any of these companies.

An innate interface

The antivirus software cannot be customized, it is imperative that the interface should be simple yet effective. Many companies have now redesigned the software to make it compatible with latest platforms like windows 8.

Daily updates

Every hour new threats emerge on the internet, and new virus signatures are being uploaded on the internet. Virus signatures are particular strings on binary code that an antivirus detects, to get familiar with the code an antivirus need to check for the updates. Mostly antivirus check for the updates automatically but most free version requires you to check manually. Frequency of checking the updates is also very important.

Antivirus or Security Suite

Although antivirus is an standalone application but it can be bought with a complete suit for greater protection but will raise your budget to a significant amount. The complete suit includes range if security software like antispyware, anti-spam, firewalls, identity theft and more. If you choose an antivirus without these features, it is advisable to boost the security with firewall or anti-spyware software.

Check the system requirements

Every Application has certain system requirement whether it is a simple program or antivirus. Before purchasing the software looks at the system requirement and the compatibility if the programs with your windows, as some anti-virus are designed for windows and others are for Mac. The speed of your computer and the power consumption is also vital issue, slower system with a heavy antivirus will slow down your computer.

Get a Trial

It is a wise idea to start with a trial if you are unable to make up your mind. Almost every anti-virus program offers a free trial program to test the software and its features. This will give you a detailed idea about the performance and reliability of the Antivirus.