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WhiteWing Defender Dehumidifier

The WhiteWing Defender is a high capacity, energy efficient basement dehumidifier engineered to solve your excess humidity problems. It features a digital humidistat to precisely control humidity levels and is able to efficiently dry large spaces up to 2500 square feet. The WhiteWing Defender is Energy Star rated yet due to its advanced system design, it will remove more moisture per Kilowatt Hour (L/kWh) than any other Energy Star rated basement dehumidifier. The WhiteWing Defender can operate as a stand-alone unit or can be easily ducted to accommodate multiple room configurations. To dry multiple areas, you will need our optional duct kit as well as ducting that can be purchased at your local hardware store. The Defender basement dehumidifier is ideal for any environment with temperatures as low as 40° which is 13° lower than competitive basement dehumidifiers. Simply put, our Exclusive WhiteWing Defender will extract more moisture at a lower monthly electricity cost than any qualified, competing unit. Additionally, its ability to operate in lower temperatures makes this unit ideal for regions where crawlspaces are popular.

Features of WhiteWing Defender Dehumidifier
  • Designed for basement and crawlspace dehumidification
  • Operation in environments with temperatures as low as 40°
  • Digital humidity control with a range from 26% – 90% relative humidity
  • Powerful 300 CFM motor ideal for air circulation
  • Comes standard with MERV-11 plus Carbon air filtration
  • Easy removal and installation of replacement filters
  • Fan-only option allows fan operation with or without dehumidification
  • Automatic defrost thermostat
  • Automatic restart in the event of a power interruption
  • Sturdy, protective steel housing
  • Caster wheels for easy mobility
  • Gravity drainage hose
  • Optional condensation pump kit with tubing
  • Optional duct kits for drying multiple rooms
  • Energy Star rated
  • UL listed

How it Works:
The Whitewing Defender uses a refrigeration system similar to an air conditioner's to remove heat and moisture from incoming air and add heat to the air that is discharged.

Hot, high-pressure refrigerant gas is routed from the compressor to the condenser coil. The refrigerant is cooled and condensed by giving up its heat to the air that is about to be discharged from the unit. The refrigerant liquid then passes through a filter/ drier and capillary tubing, which cause the refrigerant pressure and temperature to drop. It next enters the evaporator coil where it absorbs heat from the incoming air and evaporates.

The evaporator operates in a flooded condition, which means that all the evaporator tubes contain liquid refrigerant during normal operation. A flooded evaporator should maintain constant pressure and temperature across the entire coil, from inlet ton outlet.

The mixture of gas and liquid refrigerant enter the accumulator after leaving the evaporator coil. The accumulator prevents any liquid refrigerant from reaching the compressor. The compressor evacuates the cool refrigerant gas from the accumulator and compresses it to a high pressure and temperature gas to repeat the process.

Care of:
The Whitewing Defender basement dehumidifier is equipped with two air filters. An aluminum/ foam pre-filter followed by a standard MERV-11 plus Carbon 65% efficient pleated fabric filter. These should be checked every six months. Operating the unit with dirty filters will reduce dehumidifier capacity and efficiency and may cause the compressor to cycle off and on unnecessarily.

If dirty, the aluminum/ foam pre-filter can be vacuumed or carefully hand washed with warm water and mild detergent then rinsed and allowed to thoroughly dry. The pleated fabric filter can generally be vacuumed clean several times before needing replacement. Replacement filters can be ordered from this page by clicking on the Filters & Accessories tabs. DO NOT operate the unit without the filters or with a less effective filter. The heat exchange coils inside the unit could become clogged and require dis-assembly to clean.

  • This basement dehumidifier outperforms the competition by extracting more moisture while drawing lower energy levels.
  • The digital humidistat allows you to precisely control the relative humidity in your space.
  • Quiet operation, suitable for a utility room or basement.
  • With its optional duct kit, it is the perfect solution for dehumidifying multiple rooms or areas.
  • Designed to last for many years of use.
  • The Defender dehumidifier will automatically restart after a power interruption.
  • The included MERV-11 air filter removes particles down to 2 microns in size.

  • This unit is large and heavy but it does offer four caster wheels for ease of mobility.
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    Product Features

  • Coverage Area: 2500 sq. ft.
  • Water Removal Capacity: 110 pints per day s
  • Energy Factor: 2.9
  • Pints/ kWh: 6.4
  • Power Supply: 700 watts, 6.4 amps, 110-120V
  • Cabinet material: Steel
  • Dimensions: 19 3/4"W x 36 1/2"H x 17 1/2"D
  • Weight: 106 lbs
  • Warranty: 2 yr: Parts/labor, 5 yr system

MSRP: $1,699.99 | Sale Price: $1,599.99

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